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    tithe - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tithe

    (noun) a levy of one tenth of something Definition
    (noun) an offering of a tenth part of some personal income Definition
    (verb) exact a tithe from
    Example Sentence
    • The church was tithed
    (verb) levy a tithe on (produce or a crop)
    Example Sentence
    • The wool was tithed
    (verb) pay one tenth of; pay tithes on, especially to the church
    Example Sentence
    • He tithed his income to the Church
    (verb) pay a tenth of one's income, especially to the church
    Example Sentence
    • Although she left the church officially, she still tithes
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tithe

sorry if it hurts any one........tit+he..when someone touches the tits then he shud pay 1/10th of salary

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we have a sentence tithe tistha. so a person can harm you by making you to pay more tax

how hard is reaching tenth from tithe??? tithe = tenth or one tenth

TITHE - TO + THE...off TO THE tax (tithe) department to pay your DUES (tithe).

if u TIe THE mind to a religion then u must pay one tenth of ur salary as tax to god in the temple

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