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    tightwad - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tightwad

    (noun) a miserly person
    Synonyms : cheapskate
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tightwad

tight + wadu(in telugu)....a person who is tight or very miserly when it comes to spending money...we generally say he is a tight handed person..that means he is a miser.....

a tightwad is a very frugal and miserly guy, he doesnt buy new clothes even if his old clothes are very tight..

sounds like "TIGHT WED". a THRIFTY OR MISER person could only have a TIGHT WEDding because he don’t have much money to spent..…

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Tightwad or a Niggard is a miserly or stingy person.

break like TIGHT HAATH(hand)

tight wad has WADS of MONEY but he's always tight with it/ plays for broke

tight + wadhwa (last name) = saala wadhwa, jab bhi party maango bolta hai haath tight hai. bloody stingy tightwad

tightwad,sting,skimp,parsimony,thrift all are synonyms means MISOR

sounds like "tight wed". the person who is tightly wed means who hasn't spent much money in his wedding means he is thrifty or miser.

Tight Wad(wallet) imagine someone that's very tight with their wallet.

Tightwad tightly hold on to wads (Money bundle).

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