tendentious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tendentious

(adj) having or marked by a strong tendency especially a controversial one
Synonyms : tendencious
Example Sentence
  • a tendentious account of recent elections
  • distinguishing between verifiable fact and tendentious assertion

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tendentious

Rearrange the words to make - Tend or Tendency + ious or bias. So, TENDENTIOUS is a TENDENcy towards one viewpoint over another.
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by pushpa_edit

tendentious:(tendency+Us~United states):the tendency of US is to support/tend towrds the controversial country, thats why it supports pakistan to crub india through financial and military/weapon aids.so supporting a controversial
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by NarenSuri

Split like: TEN DEN ( Ten people discussing at a single den raise to controversial views)
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by acidburn

tend = tendor,so when tendor is provided a pratiality is made btwn two......
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by misha

Tendency+ tension= tendency to bring out the controversial topic which gives tensions
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by Isismona

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