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    swill - Dictionary definition and meaning for word swill

    (noun) wet feed (especially for pigs) consisting of mostly kitchen waste mixed with water or skimmed or sour milk
    Synonyms : pigswill , pigwash , slop , slops
    (verb) feed pigs
    Synonyms : slop
    (verb) drink large quantities of (liquid, especially alcoholic drink)
    Synonyms : swill down
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for swill

When you swill a liquid, there is a chance it might spill on you.

swill means to fill with alcohol

U swell when u drink like hell!!!(Beer actually makes your face swell.)

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s+w+ill=(something )+(wet) make me (ill)

swill - bladders swell with alcohol

S-spewing(puking) but drinking WILL-willingly (alcohol which is like pigwash)

Dont swill, you might spill the beer

i like swirls ice cream, as im GREEDY about DRINKING it as it is almost liquid..

swill - sounds like swell.. u swell wen u swill !!

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