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    subsume - Dictionary definition and meaning for word subsume

    (verb) contain or include
    Example Sentence
    • This new system subsumes the old one
    (verb) consider (an instance of something) as part of a general rule or principle
    Synonyms : colligate
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for subsume

subsume -- sub + sum + e. Sum -- summing. summing something means adding up and hence to include everything.

akin to consume i.e., to take in. sub = something inferior/smaller sume = include i.e., include something into it = encompass.

subsume~assume; I was so confident of my debating skills that i assumed that my name will be subsumed(included) in the finalist lists !

subsume => sub(Everything) + usme......means included


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asSUME ke tum SAB ke jaise ho!= subsume= encompas; include as a part of group

subsume sounds like resume .. u include all ur credentials in the resume .. hence include or encompass

SUBStitUte ME into the game and I will be included

The root word "sume" is similar to "sum" i.e. adding or including so anything that has "sume" is somewhat releated to "include" as in "consume". So here, "subsume" should mean "include".

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