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    suborn - Dictionary definition and meaning for word suborn

    (verb) incite to commit a crime or an evil deed
    Example Sentence
    • He suborned his butler to cover up the murder of his wife
    (verb) procure (false testimony or perjury) Definition
    (verb) induce to commit perjury or give false testimony
    Example Sentence
    • The President tried to suborn false witnesses
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for suborn

sub+porn = to force someone to see porn is unlawful

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break it as SU+BORN.change born to burn (Sanskrit) su(meaning good) + (English) burn i.e., burn good (truth).i.e., order someone to burn the truth i.e., tell lies.

sex determination of child in womb is unlawful.. but people try to persuade doctors to do it asking SU(what in gujju) born ?? :/

SUBORN=SUB(sab in hindi)+ORN(ornaments) ... all pple not having enuf pay wear ornaments taking bribe or similar stuff... ALITER: SAB witness ko ORNaments distribute karna as bribe..


in the movie BOURNE IDENTITY. The CIA suborns Jason Bourne to be an assassin.

suborn sounds like sworn..so it's the opposite of sworn i.e perjury which is making false statements under oath.

suborn == sub + orn , suburbs people are easily persuaded to act unlawfully to get ornaments.

latin sub- "secretly" ornare "equip" . Ganster equipped your home completely when you lied in court

consider a mother's child was stolen from her at his birth. the nurse is asked to suborn by the rascal who stole him from her :(

Terrorist Organizations PERSUADE its militants by telling them"U are BORN for our nation" go fight fot it.

Suborn is giving bribe..its usually the stubborn ppl who don't do the work and we may hav to SUBORN(bribe) dem to get our work done

suborn;show ornate things and induce subordinate into commiting crime.

Real history of word: SUBORN = SUB + ORN SUB = lower ORN = ornaments lower some one by giving arguments so to induce them to do some false.

su + born ~my friend sushant is known for lying especially under oath (perjury)

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