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    staid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word staid

    (adj) characterized by dignity and propriety
    Synonyms : sedate
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for staid

Staid--sounds like "STAYED"--Imagine you have always maintained your dignity and propriety in the place where you have stayed for so many years!

STAID rhymes with MAID.think that a maid is RESPECTFUL,its a rarity

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Remember as ' Rahul Dravid stayed(staid) on the pitch for long time' relate Dravid maintaining dignity of the country.

Stay with dignity=staid

the batsman STAID (stayed)in the crease for the whole day and scored only 20 odd runs,we call it a STAID knock,meaning UNENTERPRISING AND UNINTERESTING

ST+AID=sexually transmitted AIDS..a person suffering from AIDS has to generally suffer from loss of dignity by the society.

Start Treating AIDs patient Staidly

ST(student) + AID. you will get one only if you are serious about studies.

staid image -- that has always stayed the same.. i.e. it is boring , uninteresting and old fashioned. (staid image)

i STAYED 'sober' even when others were drunk

if you over-STAID(stayed) your welcome in a guests house then it will effect you dignity and propriety..

staid sounds like straight

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