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    squalor - Dictionary definition and meaning for word squalor

    (noun) sordid dirtiness
    Synonyms : sordidness , squalidness
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for squalor

squalor~parlour; Girls wil never go to a parlour that is squalor (that is in neglected state, leftover hairs,used wax,spilled sticky facial mask spread in the floor -> looks like filth !)

squal = sucking quality

Squalor rhymes with COLLAR which gets dirt soon.And Whilw washing its in NEGLECTED STATE

a sailor on SHIP since 90 days will be squalor

People living in a small SQUARE in the street. They live in SQUALOR, misery and poverty.

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Sounds like "squack." We could tell by the chicken's constant squacking that it was in a state of squalor: dirty and starving

SCALE is a dirty substance formed in a boiler or heat exchanger.....Hence Squalor(SCALER) means dirty....

squalor >>distorted form of scholar >> dirty >>sordid dirtines / squalidness

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