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    snicker - Dictionary definition and meaning for word snicker

    (noun) a disrespectful laugh
    Synonyms : snigger , snort
    (verb) laugh quietly
    Synonyms : snigger
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for snicker

The students gave a snicker when the professor came to the class in a sneaker.

snicker.....wecan say after eating snickers chocolate our laugh is supressed

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people eating snicker - snicker - (in self satisfaction, cause its so tasty)at those who cant eat(maybe because they are obese)

he came to school with a snicker shoe , so all the students gave him a snicker / half stifled laugh

sneer+nicker ...student snickered when prof came to class with nicker (half)...so, half sneer..

snicker - when you laugh stiflingly , you get a hic hic or snick snick sound instead of a hahaha.... and hence to snicker is to laugh stiflingly or to laugh disrespectfully

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