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    slovenly - Dictionary definition and meaning for word slovenly

    (adj) negligent of neatness especially in dress and person; habitually dirty and unkempt
    Synonyms : frowsy , frowzy
    Example Sentence
    • filled the door with her frowzy bulk
    • frowzy white hair
    • slovenly appearance
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for slovenly

people of SLOVENIA(a country in europe) are known to be very untidy and careless people.

split the word as slove(stove) + enly(early) In the olden days,cooking was carried out on stoves which were very DIRTY,UNTIDY

SLOW+LOVELY - she is so slow that does not want to be LOVELY/ does not groom herself. so she is slovenly.

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if u r out of LOVE, u get shabby and not neat

SLOWenly....A person who has slowed his growth is careless and Untidy....

slovenly means slipshod work..slovenly woven sweater..

OVEN is always slovenly in some house

: a SLOw person is careless and OVEN are usually untidy and dirty in most bakeries in india

slovenly - not evenly in dressing and more like a dirty oven

Sounds like SLOPPY to me. Slovenly, thus can be inferred as Sloppy Dressing i.e. Untidy Dressing.

The starts with slo always means careless.

Slovenly = slow + event; i.e doing carelessly the bill.

SLOVENLY = slow + event; The event is slow i.e. not synchronized.

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