sinecure - Dictionary definition and meaning for word sinecure

(noun) a benefice to which no spiritual or pastoral duties are attached
(noun) an office that involves minimal duties
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for sinecure

7 crores ... baithe baithe hi 7 crores mil jate ...
36       9

by darshanyo

all you have to do is SIgN papers and your job will be sECURE
11       1

by karenrw order to cure(engulf) your sins you give crores of rupees in POLICE STATIONS and you are pardoned....hence police stations are SINECURES....
10       3

by nileshdive

the word can be broken into SINEC(soldier in hindi) soldiers will be working occasionally in fields ,so to cure a soldier demands little responsibility
4       10

by yastej

I'm assiduous. All I need is a "secure" job. It need not be "sinecure". I need not be "cynosure".
2       6

by prksandeep

bus SINE(signature)-HE-KAR aur enjoy the good salary just for little work
2       1

by Tapasya

the SIGN on the officeboard claims to CURE but in reality they DO NOTHING
1       3

by bugmenot

Hanging around the water cooler too often is a sure SINE one has a sinecure.
1       1

by thebookie3

The doctor comforts the patient saying "Relax! We will CURE ur SINUS instantly. It's nothing but a SINECURE (a duty that has absolutely no work/responsibility)."
0       1

by rahularoradce

SINECURE doctor gives a SINE on a letter inorder to cure a person .... and gains lot of money without much efforts....
0       0

by machpatel

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