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    shard - Dictionary definition and meaning for word shard

    (noun) a broken piece of a brittle artifact
    Synonyms : fragment , sherd
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for shard

s + hard..it is very HARD to join the broken FRAGMENTS OF POTTERY.

( visualize SHARaD pawar our head of BCCI---his face is like broken pot.

Shard - flip 'd' vertically. You get sharP, broken part of pottery and glass are usually sharep.

sharp and hard , of a glass or pottery....

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shard - sounds like the noun form of shred - which is to tear to pieces

SHARD and DISCARD - The shards will have to be discarded as they are now useless and cannot be put back together again.

shared pieces of a brittle artifact

s (shattered) + hard >>> crockery, pots, glass are all hard and brittle... and shattered means broken into pieces...

remember from the movie "lord of the rings"...SHARDS of narsil! :)

s for sachin is hard & sharp at mind.

SHARD-- shred.. something shredded in pieces..

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