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    sententious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word sententious

    (adj) abounding in or given to pompous or aphoristic moralizing
    Example Sentence
    • too often the significant episode deteriorates into sententious conversation
    (adj) concise and full of meaning
    Synonyms : pithy
    Example Sentence
    • welcomed her pithy comments
    • the peculiarly sardonic and sententious style in which Don Luis composed his epigrams
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for sententious

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Sentence+less - Someone who can concisely explain his views in just a few sentences (less sentences used).

Sententious: think of it as "Sentence + Conscious". Person who is sentence conscious will be terse or brief.

sentence+ious... full sentence in one word.

SENTENTIOUS-> SENTENCE+TENSION. "In a TENSION filled debate, you may only get one SENTENCE in; so, be SENTENTIOUS."

SENTENTIOUS means filled with SENTIMENT(feeling).

sentence+ious... full sentence in one word.

sen ten. sen is sanity/intelligence. ten = 10/10. trying to show off u r 10/10 on intelligence

say so much in one sentence that it is better than a whole story.

Sentencing us to tension with your excessive moralizing - at least you're pithy!

Everyone on the beach was shocked when the local authorities SENTENced US for mixed bathing.

The judge read the sentence with a sententious look

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