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    salient - Dictionary definition and meaning for word salient

    (noun) (military) the part of the line of battle that projects closest to the enemy Definition
    (adj) having a quality that thrusts itself into attention
    Example Sentence
    • an outstanding fact of our time is that nations poisoned by anti semitism proved less fortunate in regard to their own freedom
    • a new theory is the most prominent feature of the book
    • salient traits
    • a spectacular rise in prices
    • a striking thing about Picadilly Circus is the statue of Eros in the center
    • a striking resemblance between parent and child
    (adj) (of angles) pointing outward at an angle of less than 180 degrees Definition
    (adj) represented as leaping (rampant but leaning forward)
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for salient

SAL(year)IENT(ant or end)... in B.Tech good grades at the END of final YEAR are VERY IMPORTANT

SALIENT and PROMINENT are rhyming words with the same meaning. Both words are used to describe the most noticeable (important) factors in a description of something.

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sounds like SILENT......instead of chattering, being silent is always noticeable

It evokes the word "sail" and sails are the most salient feature of any boat

Saline is very important in case of diarrhea.

that is not silent..

salient pole machine means prominent machine

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