runic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word runic

(adj) relating to or consisting of runes
Example Sentence
  • runic inscription

Memory aid to help you memorize this

in Lab yu have RUINED the IC(integrated chip) teachers asks who did this and all keep mysterious faces..hahaha
11        6
Run in Munich.U will run in Munich since it is mysterious to u
9        2
"rune" means old alphabet. "prune" means cut off. <br> Rune letters are pruned from alphabet.
8        13
RUIN-IC.. Imagine going through newly discovered ruins of a civilization, it'll be enchanting and mysterious at the same time.
7        3
think of rubik's cube..originally called magic cube..its a puzzle ,mystery-like..not easy ,perplexing ,magical
4        1
Old RUINS have RUNIC inscriptions on them...
1        1
runic=mystic(rhyming) just remember that way
0        2
pertaining to runes..(heard of them in games?)
0        2

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