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    ribald - Dictionary definition and meaning for word ribald

    (noun) a ribald person; someone who uses vulgar and offensive language Definition
    (adj) humorously vulgar
    Synonyms : bawdy , off-color
    Example Sentence
    • bawdy songs
    • off-color jokes
    • ribald language
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ribald

ribald~bald guy in roadies...raghu...who generally uses ribald,profane,wanton language to ridicule the roadies

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riducule "bald" people

R(region where we have curly hairs)+Is+BALD.......your region is bald...isn't it coarsely humorous and offensive????

Ribald,sounds like rival(that to bald)then how u treat them??with ABUSIVE,PROFANE,INDECENT language i.e.MOCKING at them.

his jokes are bald of decency and hence is revolting.. rebald


Calling some one BALD is Vulgar !! how mean!

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