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    retrench - Dictionary definition and meaning for word retrench

    (verb) tighten one's belt; use resources carefully Definition
    (verb) make a reduction, as in one's workforce
    Example Sentence
    • The company had to retrench
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for retrench

Consider the word in bracket only: re(trench) .. relate trench with bench. Tag: IT companies are removing all the employees on BENCH to CUT DOWN OR ECONOMIZE the company costs.

RE(again and again)+TRENCH(to dig)....when you are trenching again and again, you are reducing the amount(of earth)....

Trench means to "cut deeply into or impinge". <br> Retrench is a related word. It has nothing to do with "re".

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RETRENCH = RETRO+CINCH. RETRO = BACK, CINCH = TIGHTEN. Retrench means to tighten back.

Retrench sounds like Return money,so economize

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