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    recidivism - Dictionary definition and meaning for word recidivism

    (noun) habitual relapse into crime
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recidivism

=re (back to) + CID (crime investigation department) = back to crime

re+CIDIVISM consider the second part, if you see suicide,homicide etc all will end up with cide which is bad, CRIME

re- "back" + cidivism......cid/cad=I fall)....falling back.....to something..again..or reoccurring......so recidivism... is the act of a person repeating an undesirable behavior..nothing but habitual relapse of crime.

recidivism = recidi (recede) + divism -> prism -> prison ... a phenomenon that does not allow to recede(pull bak) from goin to prison

Racism is the crime

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Racism is a crime and no matter how much you punish, it always keeps coming back to the criminal.

RACE+DIVISIM.....people who divide people on the basis of race relapse into racedivism

Recidivist was pirating CD’s (RE ) again

Recidivist was pirating CD’s (RE ) again

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