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    rebus - Dictionary definition and meaning for word rebus

    (noun) a puzzle where you decode a message consisting of pictures representing syllables and words
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for rebus

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Re(read)+bus imagine u r in bus.so for tp u start reading book but reading is difficult in bus.so you buy the book which has pictures in place of words now its really easy to read it.so here picture represents words.Reading+At+BUS

Bus routes in the cities are denoted with symbols (25B, 108D) and pictures(eg.airport) rather than names of palces.

re+bus, if we decode this word, it has 'bus' instead of the picture of the 'bus'. However the meaning of 'rebus' is other way round, where pictures are used for words.

re+BUS...with the increasing bus accidents, u can symbolize BUS for death...

Remember we used to play a PICTIONARY... Rebus is that..

rebus ~ sms ; generally we use symbols is SMS instead of writing the entire word so that message is does not require lot of typing.. for ex - "R U ok ? "

rebus means representation of word in picture.So, imagine u r drawing a bus(picture) instead of writing the word

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