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    ratify - Dictionary definition and meaning for word ratify

    (verb) approve and express assent, responsibility, or obligation
    Synonyms : sign
    Example Sentence
    • All parties ratified the peace treaty
    • Have you signed your contract yet?
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ratify

if you rectify the error in the report it might get ratified(approved) by the professor.

ratify =satisfy you are satisfied only when you approve to or with something.

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RATIFY = giving a good RATIng to something, hence you APPROVe of it

ratify=RATE IFY u rate something when u approve or conform it

To reCTify something is to CorreCT it. To rAtify something is to Approve it, giving it an A-okay.

Rat+Fy: Rat,Five: a rat killer came to my home and he asked fy: five 5Rs/-, for each rat he catches, i had approved and accepted his proposal.

Rate + ify >> means if u get ur work rated from a standard source.. ie. approved formally ur work..

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