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    raspy - Dictionary definition and meaning for word raspy

    (adj) unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound
    Synonyms : grating , gravelly , rasping , rough , scratchy
    Example Sentence
    • a gravelly voice
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Ras(In Hindi) means juice, Py(pii=Drink). So, when u drink cold juice it makes ur throat sore and makes ur voice harsh.

rap music sounds a bit raspy

in the movie RAAZ the voice of the devil is very raspy i.e,unpleasantly harsh

SAME AS ABOVE WORKING with rasp ,....nothing but making noise

raspy is like the sting of a wasp


raspy - rapsy - rap sound is grate..singers also need harsh voice..less sweetness/melodious

raspy -> raspi -> raw+whisky...your voice becomes raspy when you drink raw whisky ;)

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