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    rankle - Dictionary definition and meaning for word rankle

    (verb) gnaw into; make resentful or angry
    Synonyms : eat into , fret , grate
    Example Sentence
    • The injustice rankled her
    • his resentment festered
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for rankle

R+ANKLE...focus..on ankle..an ankle..is a JOINT between..foot and leg...and PAIN IN your ankle could be very annoying and irritating for you. Also Rankle= Red+Ankle which means when ur ankle turns red it pains a lot

Rankle -- Rude angry uncle

for ladies wrinkle on face is annoying

The rank cigar of my colleague rankled me.

rough ankle would constantly annoy you

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R+ankle means r shaped ankle....you are annoyed because your ankle is R shaped....

rank (noisome) smell always irritates you...

addition for previous one..if ladies have wrinkle on their face, they get annoyed and annoy others too...fester and irritate others...synonyms..

 Wrinkle ----> wrinkles are painful for girls.

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