raconteur - Dictionary definition and meaning for word raconteur

(noun) a person skilled in telling anecdotes
Synonyms : anecdotist

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"reckon" means think. raconteur is one who thinks (writer/storyteller).
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one who recounts
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rekha aunty tear means when rekha aunty tells astory we got tears
26        27
reckon means to imagine......raconteur means a person who make us able to imagine by telling stories
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when we go on a TOUR in a new city, we take some travels bus and the guide tells stories of the city and places skillfully.
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rac(rock)+on+teur(tour).... to rock on tour you should be story-teller.
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divide it like re(means)+conte+ur(sounds like count)..so you are counting in how many minutes you can REmemeber this story again and tell to people.
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Imagine Uncle Remus telling a cartoon RACOoN, "I RECkON I could tell you a story"
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reckon+tour..think about the tour and give an account of it
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sounds like Rekha aunty ...who narrates all juicy and interesting stories..
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ra, go n tell her, you master story teller
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raconteur - r-account-eur = one who gives an account of something - a story teller
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sounds like rack on tour;a person who can say rack is on tour must be a great storyteller
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