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    quisling - Dictionary definition and meaning for word quisling

    (noun) someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for quisling

Quisling; split like QUIT+LINK means a culprit quits and collaborate (link)with enemy

Quislings are prone to QUIZZLINGS by the government when caught!

Quisling sounds like sibling who aids betraying

quit + ling = one who quits linguistic love.

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Quisling, after Norwegian politician Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany to conquer his own country and ruled the collaborationist Norwegian government, is a term used to describe traitors and collaborators.

the culprit was questioned(QUIZ)...who is the TRAITOR in (LINGuistic department)who helped him to leak out the paper.

"quisling" == actually sounds like "wrestling" , ie "traitors" are always in a mood to wrestle with you

QUISLING -> CHRIST + LYING. In the Bible, Judas was caught LYING to CHRIST as he plotted to betray him.

quis+ling ; quis sounds like wise/cunning person

quisling = quis + ling; quit link i.e. quit the link is always a betrayer.

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