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    pusillanimous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word pusillanimous

    (adj) lacking in courage and manly strength and resolution; contemptibly fearful
    Synonyms : poor-spirited , unmanly
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pusillanimous

take it as PUSSY + ANIMAL = a pussy will always be dumb and cowardly, will always lack courage.

pussillanimous --> PUSSY with ANIMUS(enemy). So, someone who behaves like a pussy cat with his enemies is coward and also remember PUISSANT means powerful and strong

if someone is coward,they call him 'pussy,u r no man'

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The belief that men shouldn't be pussies (wimps) is nearly unanimous

pussy is a silly animal...coz it is cowardly (pussy+silly+animus)...!!!

pusill-petty, very small; anim-spirit. Petty spirit == timid, cowardly.

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