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    pry - Dictionary definition and meaning for word pry

    (noun) a heavy iron lever with one end forged into a wedge
    Synonyms : crowbar , pry bar , wrecking bar
    (verb) to move or force, especially in an effort to get something open
    Synonyms : jimmy , lever , prise , prize
    Example Sentence
    • The burglar jimmied the lock
    • Raccoons managed to pry the lid off the garbage pail
    (verb) be nosey
    Example Sentence
    • Don't pry into my personal matters!
    (verb) search or inquire in a meddlesome way
    Synonyms : horn in , intrude , nose , poke
    Example Sentence
    • This guy is always nosing around the office
    (verb) make an uninvited or presumptuous inquiry
    Synonyms : prise
    Example Sentence
    • They pried the information out of him
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pry

sounds like spy who interferes in others' private affairs and also OPENS up some secrets

pry rhymes like why...why..why..so to inquire or question impertinently

PRY- paraayi ( in hindi)..paraayi cheezon mein dhakhal dena [2 interfere in others issues] thus Poke , Intrude, Nose

PRY(study)(PADAI) karne wale bachche bahut query karte hain -verb meaning

Word used in video below:
text: I don't think we should pry it feels
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