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    propitiate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word propitiate

    (verb) make peace with
    Synonyms : appease
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for propitiate

PROf+PITI- if you want professor's pity then you would have to appease him/her.

propiti + ate .. propiti sounds very close to property.. + ate .. so just imagine if you elder brother ate (here it means encroach) all your property ....you will quarrel with him... your father will try to appease or pacify you.

"prop"(prophet) + "itiate"(initiate) initiate the work of a prophet/priest..i.e maiking peace.

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pro "PEACE" iate ... some what sounds like this .. so it means "make peace with"

PROPITIATE -> PROPER+INITIATION. In college, PROPER INITIATION ceremonies are carried out for freshmen to win favor with (PROPITIATE) the upper classmen.

maintain the peace at home.but basically it is taken from latin propetere..which when splited means pro means for + petere means to seek ..so you seeking for PEACE... Preetisoni--source of complex mnemonic

PROPITIATE; PRO-PITI-ate; Look at the first two; they sound like Pro(for), piti (Pity). That is FOR PITY. Thus if you are for pity, you are certainly willing to make peace & allow pardon to be granted. You are Pro Peace/for peace.

I ATE UPPIT to PLEASE/appease my mom.. cuz I hate that stuff/muck.

Propity + Ate : If you are Anupam kher, you will try to appease gods to get back the property that has been taken by the land mafia (Boman Irani)

You want to regain the PROFESSOR'S PITTY.

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