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    propinquity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word propinquity

    (noun) the property of being close together
    Synonyms : proximity
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for propinquity

Propinquity has PIN in it. If you pin two things together they are close together

since the alphabets P & Q are in close proximity to each other, they are in propinquity ....

relate it to propin(proper..means one's own...)+quity.......(quite)..so people who are proper son of someone..are quite SIMILAR IN BEHAVIOUR TO THEIR PARENTS...THERE BEHAVIOUR EXHIBIT THE proximity between a son and father...

Propinquity = Propin + quity (Equity).

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PROPINQUITY sounds like and means the same as PROXIMITY which is close together.

Property In Q So properties are very close to each other

basically this is taken from propinquus which means near...near in relation......SO KINSHIP

Pingu the penguin : It signifies friendship and nearness ..

sounds like proximity..meaning nearness

relate with PROPENSITY...inclination ... you have inclination for ur near ones.. in ur kinship...

Propensity means being inclined to something. Like propensity for a ice cream. In that sense propinquity can mean the propensity to be close to something.

Property in Quite place i.e. NEAR to quite place

property in quity(cutie which is babe). If a babe has property, everybody will try to keep kinship(nearness) with her

PINK CITY(jaipur)- jaipur is very near to agra.

Proximity and akin.. propin..

propinquity= prop(owner) + in(not) + quit; owners not quit means altogether.

property -in - equity. they are very close

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