propensity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word propensity

(noun) an inclination to do something
Synonyms : leaning , tendency
Example Sentence
  • he felt leanings toward frivolity
(noun) a natural inclination
Synonyms : leaning , proclivity
Example Sentence
  • he has a proclivity for exaggeration
(noun) a disposition to behave in a certain way
Synonyms : aptness
Example Sentence
  • the aptness of iron to rust
  • the propensity of disease to spread

Memory aid to help you memorize this

now a days people are inclined towards "CITY" dats y thery r migrating from villages....
36        13
prop + city = people get propelled towards city only because of strong inclination towards city life
16        2
(PRO+PEN)a PRO has a natural tendancy to hold the PEN in the way he can do caligarphy(art of good writing)
4        4
"popins"(candy) deke log bachchon ko behla-fusla ke le jate hain....coz they know dat kids hav "natural inclination" 4 it....
2        7
pro+pen+sity . can a pen stand straight. to make it stand ,it is always inclined to some support
2        1
PROPANE+CITY; violation is more inclined,susceptible to happen in cities , than Villages !
1        9
root form is propend (now obsolete).. pend rhymes with bend.. meaning inclined
1        2
prop out of city (prop= coming out) . people are attracted towards luxury so they are moving to city. so prop out of city = propensity means tendency to go towrds,
1        1
Propelled(drive or push forward)+city=so u are driven to city that is inclined to city life
1        1
Remember a pen that you like. ex parker. pen is keyword in propensity and penchant
1        0
because of various kinds of pollution, people are moving out(PROP)from city(ENSITY) to villages and calm places in search of tranquility.
0        1
0        1
To get (PRO)per PEN villagers have to go to CITY.
0        1

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