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    probity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word probity

    (noun) complete and confirmed integrity; having strong moral principles
    Example Sentence
    • in a world where financial probity may not be widespread
    • he enjoys an exaggerated reputation for probity
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for probity

PRO(pahle)+beti(ladkiya) sounds like girls first 'something having high morale'

Probe is done to verify probity.So probity=neccessity (or reason ) for probe.

basically this word is taken from latin probus..means honesty..............

A PROBATION Officer tries to keep former criminals HONEST.

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Let them probe, they wont find any mistakes - probity

A father telling is daughter Please(P) roh(RO) mat Beti(bity) you have not lost your integrity or moral values.

probity= PRO+BT = Professer Balgangadar Tilak.. He was a man of uprightness and Incorruptibility...!!!

remember it as 'probe with integrity' means keep moral principles intact,be honest..

PROBE-BETI... The father suspects the Daughter has taken to Drugs and compromised her INTEGRITY, so he probes/investigates the BETI

Probity = No Problem guy

now a days probability of finding a honest person is very less

When Police bits prisoner (probity)with probe .then he becomes honest.

What is the probability of signal integrity

Probe a murder without being corrupted

Probe+it- probe ur conscience to grow in uprightness, honesty.

means to examine or investigate, Probe is done to verify probity

Kobe has no probity. (you have to know Kobe Bryant's history for this to work)

prob(lem)+beti: beti is very sincere n honest so they will not get any problems

Probity - A probe goes in Tea ... or In - Tea - Gree(n) Tea to check its Hones - Tea

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