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    privation - Dictionary definition and meaning for word privation

    (noun) a state of extreme poverty
    Synonyms : deprivation , neediness , want
    (noun) act of depriving someone of food or money or rights
    Synonyms : deprivation
    Example Sentence
    • nutritional privation
    • deprivation of civil rights
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Take it as PRIVACY.. what do YOU need for privacy, a room, house, but if you dont even have that then? its a life of hardship i.e., a lack of the basic things that people need for living

In Private companies, u r Deprived of ur Rights and have to do Hard work...

Add DE to PRIVATION and it becomes DEPRIVATION which is a synonym of PRIVATION, meaning the state of being deprived.

PRIVATION- private tuition/education. one cant afford private education for their kids if they are poor and living in hardship

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