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    prevaricate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word prevaricate

    (verb) be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for prevaricate

divide is as pre(..before)+var(truth..)+icate(..gate) ..i.e. before truth, you have kept a gate. Hence you are LYING or HIDING THE TRUTH..

pre+var(truth)+cate(fabricate) is to fabricate the truth, meaning to lie.

pre(before)varicate(varying) i.e varying the truth b4 bcomz a lie

pre(Before)+var(True)= so before telling the truth you awlays lie

Preparing Various Cate;say Cate is a girl,preparing various Cate to hide the true Cate

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Pre(before) marriage evry var(groom) lies

pre-varicate ~ prevent verification: deliberately avoid to confirm the correctness, the truth of sth.

= Pari-vari (which is all false, evading the truth)

When we prevari-cate before-the-gate we dont always tell-the-completed truth.

pr-eva(de)-(fab)ricate= evade d truth by fabricating it

read it like: pre+vary+cat, i.e. first vary words like a cat.. means Lie..

Previously varicate has been created to avoid the truth.

equi+vocate sounds like advocate... corrupt advocates LIE, to CONCEAL THE TRUTH which MISLEADS the judge..

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