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    precipice - Dictionary definition and meaning for word precipice

    (noun) a very steep cliff
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for precipice

PRECI (PRESIDENT)+ PICE (PEACE). So if presedent wants peace then he will have to CLIMB a HIGH VERTICAL MOUNTAIN and meditate there. It will be a great PERIL for him.

think of the word "precipitate" and "ice". In pre-historical era the earth is covered by ice. And when ice melts, cliffs formed from precipitation. (may not be scientifically true, for easy to memorize only.)

precipice~eye spy (chupa chupi : in hind); When children play eye spy they should take care that they are not around any cliff or dangerous positions

pre+spice => if u put spices in a dish well before u serve, u are putting ur reputation as a chef in a dangerous position. remember spice(JET) which is a low cost, not very safe airlines whch can put u in danger if u fly with it

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putting a cip(ship) on ice(iceberg a kind of clif) is dangerous for its crew.

precipice sounds like principal...princi detained defaulter student fot their low attendance....now they r in dangerous situation

imagine a situation in which even d president pisses in his pants.that situation is bound to become a difficult one for its country..

precipice..sounds like perceive..so you have perceived that you are in dangerous position..as your base is surrounded by millitants.

taken from Latin praecipitium..prea(means thoroughly)+cipit/caput..means head.+ium..so throughly made of head(head is basically tough, hard part of body.so something tough, hard..like a rock and A CLIFF IS LIKE A ROCK.

precipice~ P+RECIPe+Ice Think like p=Prepare a recipe in an ICY mountain's cliff which is dangerous

precipitate is to cause to happen suddenly or abruptly ,violently..precipice is a cliff with sudden ac/proclivity ie it's a steep cliff/hill

precious spice -Imagine a desi holding on to precious spice - at the edge of the CLIFF. He is in a DANGEROUS POSITION.

p+re(rock)+ci(sea)+piece:-A piece of rock at sea....enjoy..:-)

Imagine the shaving cream/aftershave, its logo is actually a man sailing on rough seas, so it implies a kinda dangerous activity.

not a good one, still u cn try it : taking sip of ice is dangerous, u cn fall (from the hill) ill.

Precious recipe is usually dangerous.

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