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    polemic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word polemic

    (noun) a writer who argues in opposition to others (especially in theology)
    Synonyms : polemicist , polemist
    (noun) a controversy (especially over a belief or dogma) Definition
    (adj) of or involving dispute or controversy
    Synonyms : polemical
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for polemic

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pole(poll)+mic..so during polls politicians often attack others opinions.

(Language used Hindi) pole+mic- (In hindi) ek dusre ki pole kholna.jab ek dusre ki pole khol te hai to argumentation,debare and defence hota hai.

Sounds like POLOUMI of roadies..lets think of her as a very "controversial" person

POLEMIC Looks like PROMETRIC which gives a verbal attck 2 us in gre exam

Pole-mic = danda karna (pange lena)

in roadies season 6 ..paulmi always did argument , ..she was violent

politics is full of polemicc

The knights of old settled their arguments by charging one another on horseback and jamming long POLES into LEMONS. They called these battles POLE-LEMONS.

polemic: reminds of 2 words (pole, mice) => The doctrine says "Santa" comes from North Pole, imagine someone on the "mic" saying a controvertial statement that "Santa" comes from the "South" pole.

pol+emic pol-polar means opp and they always contradict each other

(pol+mike)imagine poiticians(pol) controverting each other in mikes(mic)

polemic - always poles apart in views and talking on the mike

During election exit pole are going to burst on the mic on tv which often creates controversy between politicians.

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