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    plumage - Dictionary definition and meaning for word plumage

    (noun) the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds
    Synonyms : feather , plume
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for plumage

Birds wen they AGE, they become PLUM(P) and shed off their feathers :/

think: plummet, because plumage is damaged.

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Plum can remembered as slum.So near slum feathers of young birds are spread.

katrina is in a PLUM(ripe) AGE...hence she wears costly jackets made up of FEATHERS OF BIRDS so as to look hot and sexy.........................:D

plumage~plu (flu) + mage (rummage); if bird's flu is detected then there is a rummage in the entire city to search the brids..perhaps by fallen feathers of birds ! make ur story !

its a weak connection but may work imagine plum cake,below each cake there is a feather like coating..

plumage sounds like plymage, in turn fly-image - a plumage is the feathers of a wing, which gives the image of flying.

PLUMAGE = BLOOM-age...PLUMAGE is to a bird as a BLOOMing flower is to a plant.

u might have seen aged ants and beetle which gets feather and become plum when they grow old(aged).

When a plum ages, it loses its hair.

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