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    plenary - Dictionary definition and meaning for word plenary

    (adj) full in all respects
    Example Sentence
    • a plenary session of the legislature
    • a diplomat with plenary powers
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for plenary

Plenary can be split into Plen (plenty) + nary (naari - women in hindi) :: This hall is full of naaris (women) = Plenty (filled with or full of) naari :: Plenary

plenary=PLAIN(simple)+ARRAY.... i.e. in any programing language a plain array works fine 4 plenty of operations.... So it is full in all aspects

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PLANEary...plane should be COMPLETE because if it has even minor faults, it can be deadly!!!!

Power across the Planet

sounds like plenty, so think of it in sense of Power ..

a plenary scenery is always complete and consummate.

if you PLAY with many NARIs at the same time(flirt with many) then one day those nary(ladies) shall latkofy u COMPLETELY and FULLY under section 135b(life imprisonment for cheatng on multiple women at a time).........;)

plenary hall

If you make a PLANE(plean) you should COMPLETE it hurry

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