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    philology - Dictionary definition and meaning for word philology

    (noun) the humanistic study of language and literature
    Synonyms : linguistics
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for philology

Phil Collins was a philanderer running after girls, when 1 girl slapped him. He then became a philanthropist after being penitent about his acts.He started a huge business of collecting stamps; he became a philatelist.

phi-LOL-ogy study of words,, such as LOL,,, :) phil-LOL-logy to love-LOL(word)- study.

Once he decided to meet Palestines to start a business where he was shocked by their philistine narrow minded attitude. So he started to learn their language of words to know the reason.Hence he got into philology.

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PHILOLOGY = PHILOSOPHY + (LOGOS=words) = Study of words.

Good work Jay-Gandhi, u made a whole story to memorise a lot of words. thanks

PHIL loves studying LOGOs in different languages to learn them quickly

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