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    perfidious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word perfidious

    (adj) tending to betray; especially having a treacherous character as attributed to the Carthaginians by the Romans
    Synonyms : punic , treacherous
    Example Sentence
    • Punic faith
    • the perfidious Judas
    • the fiercest and most treacherous of foes
    • treacherous intrigues
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for perfidious

per+FID+ious.. FID stands for fidelity.. i.e. loyalty.. hence perfidious is its opposite

perfidious --- perfume relate to perfume which reminds us of a beautiful lady who could be disloyal to you

perfidious.....imagine a guy who applies PERFume as well as DIOdrant....so he is disloyal to one of them......

PERFidious - Perforate. PerFIDious - Feed. Jis thali me khaya, usi me ched kia (= treacherous; disloyal).

Perfidious servant ne poisonous barfi di..

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Perfidious:"PERFect IDIOt",here lets us use idiot as a -ve word,Hence u had a lover who is PerfectIdiot(Perfidious Lover)so he is deceitful,untrustworthy,...willing to betray ones thrust.....

perfidious = per-'destruction' + fid'faith' => destroy the faith ~ betray

us per fida sab koi hai cuz she is disloyal

per(a guy) fir( again) ditched us..... a disloyal person

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