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    peccadillo - Dictionary definition and meaning for word peccadillo

    (noun) a petty misdeed
    Synonyms : indiscretion
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for peccadillo

"pecc" (actually, pecado) refers to "mistake" as in impeccable. pecking others etc., So, peccadillo means small mistake.

no one is PUKKA . we tend to do small and petty mistakes

If you watch American pie 3 movie you can easily remember this word in this movie the heroin have this peccadillo ( penis shape dildo ) which girls use for the small offense or sexual satisfaction

pecc(mistake) + dillo(dhila)means loose,so small mistake..

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peccadillo=penis-ca-dhorlo(bangla)..it means to hold penis..you can say it as handling..it is not a serious offense

pecca means drink beer and dillo means looseness so peeke offence kar diya

peccadillo=peca +adi+l(light)+o(lo(tesko))..playing cards is a minor offence

sound like BACARDI LAO(bring)...you are asking your friend to bring bacardi....and drinking bacardi is a minor crime(morally).....

peccadillo sounds like -- puchka dhil marlo -- which is slight offence

pakka di low blow = petty act

the armaDILLO PECked my arm but I considered this only a minor offense because he could have bit my arm off

pe+ca+dil+lo....so ek person pe ke dil lo-dil lo bol rha hai....means it is a slight offense

Peccadillo means Pecca Dil Lo yani ladki ka Dil pakka lo aur "make small mistake" yani thodi galti karo

Pecca Dil Lo aur this surely will be your petty mistake in life.

pecca (playing card) + dil (deal) + lo (low offense)….

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