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    patina - Dictionary definition and meaning for word patina

    (noun) a fine coating of oxide on the surface of a metal
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for patina

Patila(a utensil made of copper) gets rusted and a green layer called patina is formed on it.


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patina sounds like patna where u find green crust on old bronze works

A lover gave his girl friend a metal ring but wo PATI NA (she was not flattered) why? because that that ring had patina over it, she was not impressed.

paint, put on a layer of green PAINT

think of GREEN color bajaj PLATINA Rusting away.....

pattina in telugu means something is attached..pakudu pattina..means like algae has been attached..algae=green in colour..

Patina..like Patna... Imagine, you find Statue of Liberty in Patna...Statue of Liberty is green because its made of copper... Just remember...Statue of Liberty in Patna

'gadda patina' refers to top layer

copper when gets really old will get converted into a green crusty ISOTOPE of PLATINUM

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