paroxysm - Dictionary definition and meaning for word paroxysm

(noun) a sudden uncontrollable attack
Synonyms : convulsion , fit
Example Sentence
  • a paroxysm of giggling
  • a fit of coughing
  • convulsions of laughter

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for paroxysm

paroxysm sounds like "proxy" when we give proxy in class, we laugh a lot after class if it is successful. But professor may go in a rage if he gets to know about proxy and he may hit and give fit of pain or attack
43       9

by cp.jethani

para+OXY+ism .. it is said that excess of oxygen gives people the high that alcohol gives.. and such people can be considered to be in a rage or have a sudden outburst of anger..
17       7

by muffisoni

Par-OX-ysm : focus on OX, the husband of cow ;) OX, is an attacking animal. Better yet imagine a pair of uncontrollable oxen attacking and the attack IS...UM..very sudden
10       2

by j_h

Focus on paROXysm. Imagine you're at a ROCK concert and you have a sudden uncontrollable urge to dance crazily and yell, "THIS ROCKS".
5       2

by dshefman

when PARO left devdas.. devas had a fit of rage & pain at the same time.
2       2

by rishib1988

paroxysm = par (all) + oxysm ( oxygen)= if u take all oxygen patient have sudden attack of pain
1       2

by rajpt_007

Imagine a PAIR OF OX yoked together that hate each other and are in a rage.
1       0

by Jackery

Sounds like paralysis..
0       2

by ArDoR

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