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    parley - Dictionary definition and meaning for word parley

    (noun) a negotiation between enemies Definition
    (verb) discuss, as between enemies
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for parley

parley sounds like parliament... where CONFERENCE is held between opponents ...

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parley reminds us of parle biscuts....when you attend a CONFERENCE bisleri water and PARLE biscuts are served

sounds like parlay.biscuit company...so a conferece between parlay and sunfeast biscuit company heads.

Parley ~ Miley (Meet in Hindi) ; When people attend a conference, they meet each other

par+ley:par means others and ley means lay(calm) down or pacify.so negotiation between enemies.

in the movie 'Pirates of Caribbean' ; pirates, in difficult times, use the right of 'parley' which is right of negotiation

Pirates of the Carribean .. Remember Jack Sparrow saying PARLEY . a conference with the pirates!!

two golfing opponents (enemies) negotiate who will first attempt to make PAR and theres no way in hell (L) it will be EasY (EY) for either of them (LEY so we don't confuse with parLAY)

PARTY without all the fun

Parley : An negotiation between Enemies Truce : A Tacit Agreement between enemies for not fighting. First they eat Parley - G while negotiating and then they Have Truce (Juice) before agreeing not to fight.

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