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    parched - Dictionary definition and meaning for word parched

    (adj) dried out by heat or excessive exposure to sunlight
    Synonyms : adust , baked , scorched , sunbaked
    Example Sentence
    • a vast desert all adust
    • land lying baked in the heat
    • parched soil
    • the earth was scorched and bare
    • sunbaked salt flats
    (adj) toasted or roasted slightly
    Example Sentence
    • parched corn was a staple of the Indian diet
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for parched

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if you parked the car in open, then due to sunlight and greenhouse effect it will become hot or dry

parched = P (police) after + marched (parade)= they become dry and thirsty

parked the car because of thirsty .so u need to drink cool drink

In March (and April) the summer is at its peak in places like delhi,nagpur,mumbai ... the climate becomes extremely dry and hence you are extremely thirsty

Parched!! ..Pls try the word preched instead for remembering. Think about the story of thirsty crow perched on a tree which put stones so that it can drink water from pot.

if you are left in a car PARKED in sunlight ..then after sometime you will become THIRSTY...

if u march[walk] in march you will be thirsty[parched]

after marching in parade or pocession you feel dry and thirsty

I "marched" in the parade thats y m feeling thirsty

Yeo(GEO)man = earth man means FARMER.....!!!!

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