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    pander - Dictionary definition and meaning for word pander

    (noun) someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)
    Synonyms : fancy man , pandar , panderer , pimp , ponce , procurer
    (verb) yield (to); give satisfaction to
    Synonyms : gratify , indulge
    (verb) arrange for sexual partners for others
    Synonyms : pimp , procure
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pander

p(pant)+ander(inside)....pant k ander vale ko girlzz chahiye....needs some1 to arrange girlss....call pander...he ll do somethin....

pander - pan(porn) and pander sounds like render...one who renders (give or cater) something porn...make your mnemonic with these words

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Pander: Porn + Render. Renderer/Provider/Caterer of porn stuffs

sounds like Pan+Vendor. That Pan vendor is a pander by evening.or just think of vendor....anyone who is catering to the needs of to whom he is supplying

Reminds of Pandher ( Maninder Singh Pandher) found convict in Nithari killing case (as of today-14th feb-09) Have to edit blames from 'Mr.Pandher' now (13/09/09)

Try to relate with pamper.Pander pampers his clients with whatever they want.

PANTER.....pant means trousers.....a person who always plays with his and other people's pants is PANDER

pander: pan+Dar: I know it takes long time to get a pan card if i apply it my self, so i gave it to a BROKER as its very urgent to me,and now i need not to fear about its process,he will get my pan card in 1 day.BROKER

pander sounds like"Bandar"(hindi for monkey)....so for people into the act of pandering i.e. arranging for sexual partners for others...we dont hold them in high regards and call them names like bandar....

out of der(fear in hindi) serving with a pan(meetapan in hindi) to one which is satisfying a low desire of that someone

noun कुटना दलाल (m) verb कुटनाई करना दलाली करना बढ़ावा देना

pander(panther) =panther used for vulgar desire

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