panache - Dictionary definition and meaning for word panache

(noun) distinctive and stylish elegance
Synonyms : dash , elan , flair , style
Example Sentence
  • he wooed her with the confident dash of a cavalry officer
(noun) a feathered plume on a helmet

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ir reminds of the movie FASHION.all de top models wer frm panache..therefore u cn relate it to stylish way of dressin
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panache.. sounds like moustache... ppl grow differnts kinds of moustaches to appear stylish
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if u have seen the movie "FASHION"... priyanka chopra models for the company PANACHE,,, which shows pryinaka chopra is stylish , energetic, and famboyant
13        3
people eat PAN to showoff, but they don't know that it will cause ACHE
5        9
sounds like headache so they can do things with out head ache
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Problem+Cash. If you have cash.. you'll solve your problem without any difficulty.
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