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    ostensible - Dictionary definition and meaning for word ostensible

    (adj) appearing as such but not necessarily so
    Synonyms : apparent , seeming
    Example Sentence
    • for all his apparent wealth he had no money to pay the rent
    • the committee investigated some apparent discrepancies
    • the ostensible truth of their theories
    • his seeming honesty
    (adj) represented or appearing as such; pretended
    Synonyms : ostensive
    Example Sentence
    • His ostensible purpose was charity, his real goal popularity
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ostensible

People are "tense" when they appear to be something they're not.

O.S(operating system i.e cpu) TEN....ten operating systems...government offices have ten operating systems but none of them is working...hence all of them are ostensible...

OopS i'm not TENSed, (i am pretending)

os+TENS+IBLE..FOCUS ON TENS..TENSE..well delievring your speech in assembly you appered tensed to me.

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"Stencil"- the outline of something is what is apparent, seeming, professed

os+TEN+sible = apparent TENdency.. not the actual reason..

ohhh you are looking tensed but i know you are not actually tensed

ostensible = pronunce it like off + tense + able. that is a person who using wrong tense while speaking ( off + tense = wrong tense) never admits his mistakes and acts like he is fluent . os(off) TENSE ible

os(ofcourse+tensible) hope it works out :-)

computer can support ten OS may be sensible(osten sible) but cannot be true.

Os in hindi is drops of water. You see reflection in water is apparent and seeming. pretended.not real value or face

as + tensible >>> the material luks tensible but actually its not.. its just APPEARING to be tensible...

tendere-> to stretch,Bada chada ke dikhana.Similar word ,ostentatious, added

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