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    noxious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word noxious

    (adj) injurious to physical or mental health
    Example Sentence
    • noxious chemical wastes
    • noxious ideas
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for noxious

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Oxides of nitrogen are all toxic and are represented by NOx (Sulfur oxides by SOx)so NOx -IOUS...means harmful...also something NOXIOUS can make you NAUSEOUS

Noxious [Naxalites - bihar ke harmul, injurious terrorist] (Naxalites are Harmful terrorist of Bihar, India)

this word is derived from latin NOX/nex/nec..means.harm/death/violance.......so something noxious is HARMFUL.

n(no)oxious(think as oxigen)thus no oxigen-that is very harmful..........

It is not toxic, it is NOT TOXIC

you got promoted from abnoxious to NOXIOUS after you pushed him over the cliff.

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