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    notional - Dictionary definition and meaning for word notional

    (adj) not based on fact; unreal
    Synonyms : fanciful , imaginary
    Example Sentence
    • the falsehood about some fanciful secret treaties
    • a small child's imaginary friends
    • to create a notional world for oneself
    (adj) not based on fact or investigation
    Synonyms : speculative
    Example Sentence
    • a notional figure of cost helps in determining production costs
    • speculative knowledge
    (adj) indulging in or influenced by fancy
    Synonyms : fanciful
    Example Sentence
    • a fanciful mind
    • all the notional vagaries of childhood
    (adj) being of the nature of a notion or concept
    Synonyms : conceptional , ideational
    Example Sentence
    • a plan abstract and conceptional
    • to improve notional comprehension
    • a notional response to the question
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