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    nascent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word nascent

    (adj) being born or beginning
    Example Sentence
    • the nascent chicks
    • a nascent insurgency
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nascent

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"new soul sent".....to earth

it has the word SCENT in it,SCENT daalo to smell comes into existence

this word is derived from the latin word nasci- which means being born

nascent = new + existent

nai(new) scent....which comes new into existence

Nascent-NASC-NASA.Thus NASA came in existence in 2008 or so having problems in the beginning.

You may have read about "nascent oxygen" in Chemistry, which is highly unstable.

now(na) scan(scent) if you scan paper now its image will start to exist in computer (start to exist)

if u breathe NASCENT OXYGEN .. u wil rejuvenate (go young again)...!! :)


na +scent..in telugu na means mine and scent means smell or perfume..my perfume just now spread or beginned spreading in the office as soon as i entered

Ugh! That rank odor, that NASty SCENT, my neighbor's green pool is hatching 'skeetos'

now(na) + sent(scent)= beginning now

nascent oxygen are newly produced and highly active

New Scent

nascent-> new+cent,coming into being or existence.

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