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    mollycoddle - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mollycoddle

    (noun) a pampered darling; an effeminate man Definition
    (verb) treat with excessive indulgence
    Synonyms : baby , cocker , coddle , cosset , featherbed , indulge , pamper , spoil
    Example Sentence
    • grandparents often pamper the children
    • Let's not mollycoddle our students!
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mollycoddle

coddle sounds like cuddle which also means showing love.. so Molly ko cuddle kiya

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split it as molly+coddle...molly means child(in malayalam) and coddle rhymes with cuddle....so parents cuddle their children,pamper

molly=to calm down/pacify...coddle=to treat with tenderness/care... mollycoddle= treat with excessive care

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